Thursday, February 18, 2010

Geronimo Honored on 100th Anniversary of His Death

Arizona State Sen. Sylvia Allen read a proclamation on the Senate floor in honor of the legendary Apache leader Geronimo on the hundredth anniversary of his death, according to a post published yesterday on the official web site of the state’s Senate Republican Caucus.

San Carlos Apache Chairman Wendsler Nosie, who was present for the reading, accepted a statue from former Sen. Lester Pearce. The statue was created by former Senate Majority Leader Rusty Bowers.

Geronimo, born in 1829, was a leader/warrior of the Chiricahua Apache tribe. He died in 1909 at Fort Sill, Okla.


  1. Geronimo for President!! I still have the bumper sticker!!!

  2. I'm still confused. 100 years after his death? Must be new math. 1909 to 2010?